Why choose solar panels?

Our current energy supply is based on the conversion of fossil fuels where harmful substances are released.

The world needs an energy transition: an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply,
without confronting future generations with virtually insoluble problems such as climate change or the depletion of raw materials.

Climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gases, gases that are released during the conversion of fossil fuels. In addition, an ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels is being generated by a greater energy demand, especially due to new emerging economies.

There is a risk of exhaustion of reserves of oil and natural gas. At the current rate of extraction there is still a stock of respectively forty and sixty years.

Due to this increasing demand and the decreasing supply, the energy price will increase drastically in the coming years, partly due to the higher costs for tapping more difficult to exploit fields.

Added to this is the dependence on foreign suppliers who are in politically less stable parts of the world.